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Community Impact

Blue's depth of experience with testing markets and establishing strategies for facilities has familiarized our staff with the full spectrum of management approaches, staffing structures, operational costs, and market positioning strategies for such facilities. Our business plans integrate client mission objectives and market responsiveness with an eye toward efficiency and customer service.

Analyze The Money

Blue Capital develops highly sophisticated financial models that incorporating projected revenues, capital costs, operating costs, and financing strategy to determine how to make a project financially self-supporting or profit-generating to the extent required by the client. Our staff has experience implementing a wide variety of financial strategies, including the use of tax-exempt debt alternative financing and ownership structures. Our models test project performance under a variety of configurations and external market conditions.

Location Based

Blue Capital evaluates site alternatives with regard to their market responsiveness, impact on the facility program, political acceptability, and cost implications in order to recommend the optimal project location and orientation.

Marketing Strategy

Blue Capital, through its extensive experience, has developed a time and market-tested process for the sale of student housing assets. This tightly controlled marketing campaign is designed to elevate targeted investor interest by creating a sense of competitive urgency and driving market momentum.

Debt and Structured Finance

Through Blue Capital Markets\Debt & Equity Finance, our real estate investment banking subsidiary, we provide real estate owners and investors with a broad range of funding options to meet capital requirement needs.

Business Preparation

Where appropriate, Blue Capital extends its analysis beyond the benefits of a proposed development to its owner and evaluates its economic benefits to the surrounding community. We quantify direct impacts on the local economy and projects multiplier effects and the implicit impact on public services and tax revenues..

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Investment and Asset Management - Aquisitions and Development Sourcing - Debt and Equity Structuring

Blue Capital facilitates, finds and organizes student housing real estate negotiations; primarily off campus and Public Private Partnerships, but not limited to. Blue Capital's leadership team has put together over $13 million in negotiations this year. The team consistently continues to seak out oppurtunities in the market.

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